Snow, snow and more bloody snow

I'm getting a bit tired of this kind of thing:

Click to enlarge, and then come help me dig out.

Very pretty to look at, but this was a heavy, dense snowfall to begin with. It was followed by some sleet and freezing rain which compacted the first couple of inches, then another 10 inches of snow. Temperatures dropped well below freezing, so under all that snow is a layer of hard ice.

Shovel and scrape, shovel and scrape.

UPDATE: All shoveled away now. More snow is expected on Friday. Ugh.

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  1. We got a foot, heavy wet stuff. A long driveway. And no snow-blower. But what a great upperbody workout! Enjoy the slow, the fast will return. Peace...

  2. Is that a mini-van?
    Can a mini-van be considered noirish?
    Purty picture of that noirish mini-van and happy shovelling!

  3. @Linda: A kind neighbor brought his snow blower over to help out. It was fantastic for getting rid of the salty, solid packed, four foot wall the snowplows left at the bottom of my driveway. Everything else was still tough - a great upper-body workout is right.

    @Cathy: No, that's a Honda CRV. If I were truly noirish, it'd be a Cadillac with a body in the trunk, but reality intrudes. 8-)

  4. That's actually a creepy picture. : | Sorry you got buried.


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