Snappy dialogue, blog posts and power tools

What does Tony's Saturday look like? I'm glad you asked!

I will be writing a guest blog post for Ziggy Kinsella, to appear over at The Feckless Goblin. It's on writing dialogue, and in considering how best to present a topic of such import to any writer, I've settled on a form that I think will do justice to the content.

I'll also be slicing through the subflooring of my bathroom with a circular saw to get at the joists. I'm fairly certain of where all the wiring is, but I need to expose and map out the water feed pipes and drain pipes. I'm remodeling the bathroom and need to know what's under there before I buy new fittings, plumbing, etc. It wouldn't do to get a new shower pan only to find out that it won't fit without hideously expensive retrofitting. I image there's a writing analogy in there somewhere, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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  1. Oh my, a writer who is handy! Be still my heart!

  2. Cathy, I'm a thoroughly experienced DIY-er: carpentry, cabinetry, electrical, masonry, landscaping, plumbing, roofing, painting... I'm trying to think of something I *haven't* done with respect to home repair and I'm coming up blank.

    In short, I can split wood as easily as I split infinitives. That multi-talented nature makes it easier for the people around me to put up with my bad puns.


  3. Hi Tony! Since you write and are a DIY-e, how about some handy tips regarding power tools written specially for ladies? Thanks in advance.


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