Poll results: did "Bear trapping" win?

The poll, "Tony should write a blog post about..." closed yesterday. The results are interesting:

So, with a tie between "Novel writing software" and "Bear trapping", I guess I'll either have to write two blog posts or bring in some knowledgeable guest bloggers. Any suggestions?

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  1. How to Trap Bear Using Novel Writing Software (metaphorically speaking)

  2. How to Trap Bear Using Novel Writing Software (not metaphorically speaking)

  3. Seriously? Novel Writing Software ties with Bear Trapping? PLEASE write about the latter .. has to be way more interesting than the former... although the comments between LaPaglia and Wiswell are pretty interesting, too.

  4. How about a blog post written by a bear using novel writing software to write his book on bear trapping...

  5. You guys are all either crazy or over-caffeinated. Or both.


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