Creative Genius - An Important 1%

I was recently honored by John Wiswell with the beautiful award you see here:

John is one of my favorite writers, so I'm pleased to accept this Creative Genius award from him. Created by Deanna Schrayer, the award is to be passed from each recipient on to several worthy bloggers. I'm happy to do so now.

Of all the writers and bloggers I know and interact with, I've decided to select a few who not only THINK, but also ACT. The streets are paved with great ideas; the people who take great ideas and turn them into reality are the models to be emulated.

P.J. Kaiser is not only the author of Inspired by Real Life, a wide-ranging site that covers writing, parenting, and modern life, she is also the driving force behind TuesdaySerial, one of the hottest Twitter hashtags for writers of the last year. P.J. has been involved with #FridayFlash for as long as I can recall. She's not only friendly and supportive, she's one of the most entrepreneurial writers I know.

Emma Newman is the delightful author of Post-Apocalyptic Publishing, a blog from which she launched her book, "Twenty Years Later". When a series of readings from her book were well received, she launched a side business of doing audio recordings and narrations, including audiobook work. She's collected short stories into an anthology, made podcasts available on her website, and writing the sequel to her book... witness the power of a good cup of tea.

Monica Marier's blog, Attack of the Muses, is where she posts short fiction and bloggery, but she is also one of the artists for a webcomic company which she helped establish. Her first novel, "Must Love Dragons" was a funny, clever take on the dashing fantasy hero. The second book in the series is sold and she's currently writing the third. She's also a fun person to hang out with on Twitter.

It's entirely possible that these folks have already received this award; this is clearly evidence of their broad appeal, and the consensus of opinion among their readers.

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  1. Wow, Tony - you just made my day - maybe even my week! And to put me in such good company as Emma and Monica! I'm touched and flattered. Truly. Thanks very much :-) And your award from John is certainly well-deserved :-D

  2. Great choices, Tony. Congrats, ladies!

  3. Grand choices, Sir. And congrats on your tapping of the Creative Genius vanguard. peace...

  4. I just keep thinking of that scene from "Wayne's World" where Wayne and Garth are groveling in front of Alice Cooper crying, "We're not Worthy!" Kind of feel like that. I'm so touched and flattered for the award and to be listed with Emma and Pj, who I admire so much.
    Thanks, Master Tony.

  5. I raise my cup of tea to you Sir. Thank you, it's brightened a rather dark afternoon xx

  6. @PJ, Monica, Emma: You're all very welcome - keep up the good work!

    @Danni, Linda: I'm happy to know them and their work. Geniuses - forward!

  7. That close of yours was especially graceful, Tony. And thank you for your kind words about me. May the recipient enjoy their spoils.

  8. @John: Thanks! I can't recall the last time "graceful" was used to describe anything I'd written - nice!


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