I'm easy, and I get easier every year

I promote this site, but I want to do it in a tasteful way. Ideally, I'll make people aware of things here that they might like to see, but I'll do it without shoving my content into people's faces. To that end, I've made a couple of changes here. In addition to subscribing to Landless via RSS feed, you now have the option of receiving full blog posts of Landless via e.mail. Just check the shiny new widget over on the left side of your screen.

Those of you who are reading this by RSS will just have to pop over to see it. In fairness, my site looks a bit better on the web than it does via RSS.

Also, I did a bit of back-end work to automate a few things I've been doing by hand. There may come a day when I can pay someone to do all this holy-shite-that's-a-steep-learning-curve kind of HTML/website administration thing for me, but not yet.

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  1. Challenge time. Love ya Tony, but I just have to ask: Can you construct three consecutive blog entries without using the words "I," "I'm" or "me"?


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