Juggling as an exercise routine

The notion of juggling weighted tennis balls isn't unique to me. I came up with it many years ago, shortly after I learned to juggle. Ideally, I'd have used lead or steel shot, but they aren't readily available, and pennies are.

Tennis balls packed with pennies weigh about a pound each. Doing ten throws has very little aerobic benefit; juggling continuous fast throws for ten minutes will work up a sweat.

Here's more info on the subject:
Just learning to juggle can be a exercise routine all on its own. But once you get the basics down, the very act of juggling can be an absolutely incredible cardio vascular workout. It involves very high repetitions of manipulating relatively small weight.

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  1. I never thought about juggling for exercise but when I turned 40 I taught myself to juggle just to prove the old dog was still capable of learning a new trick. It did take some determination but as you say, "once you get the basics down..." Will have to try the penny weighted tennis balls.

  2. hmmm - only problem is that juggling requires coordination. I'm sure that attempts on my part would result in broken glass, broken bones and injured pets

  3. Harry: Good for you! I learned more than 20 years ago, didn't progress much beyond a basic three ball pattern. Still, once the balls start to weigh something, it becomes a light workout.

    Julie: You'd be surprised. Give it a shot - the thrill at having learned how to juggle is really something else.


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