Special Queensland Edition of Three Word Wednesday

Today's words for Three Word Wednesday are: harmless, moist, yelp

A harmless bit of rain,
Repeated again and again,
From "moist" to "deluge"
With no safe refuge,
They yelp at a life down the drain.

Dear readers, writers, bloggers, poets and editors: Queensland needs your help. Here's how you can participate.

I realize the folks being driven from their homes, watching the waters kill, destroy property and livelihoods, are doing a lot more than "yelping", but I work with what I'm given.

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  1. ... and it did the job perfectly. A very worthy use of the 3 words!

  2. Yes, great job - so true that many things falling over and over again become so destructive...Jae

  3. I've been very worried about friends in Queensland.I hope the deluge ends.Very well stated

  4. Perfect poem for those in Queensland, Tony.

  5. Thanks for doing this, and bringing some attention to a real crisis.

  6. The scenes of destruction are terrible. Water is vicious stuff.


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