Three Word Wednesday: plausible, taint, willingly

The Three Words for today are: plausible, taint, willingly. My poems for 3WW have been a bit heavy of late, so:

Dear God, I hope that it's plausible
To use the Force to pause a bull
Which is charging at me
Too damned willingly
('taint a good time to have bowels a-full!)

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  1. Aah, there are so many 'bulls to pause' in life...great image and words (is it in New York? we have the 'Bull Ring' in Birmingham - not quite the same caliber destination but a gold bull statue none the less!) Jae

  2. Ha, I agree,taint a good time!

  3. Love it. And I like going down to the Financial District and watch tourists take pix of the bull, holding onto its testicles.

  4. Very witty.I love your poem and picture

  5. Thanks, everyone! This is certainly a change from poems that reflect on the futility or war, or the deeper meaning of seemingly unanswered prayers!

  6. HAHAHA that was great, Tony. Hopefully you won't give us the answer, but if you do, I'm sure it will be a lovely poem.

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