Bears vs. Packers

Big game this afternoon, so don't expect much from me today.

For a bit of history, here's a little snippet from the 1985 Bears vs. Packers matchup. There's a lot of history between these two teams.

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  1. Missing it because of a family function. Some days I loathe having a genetic tree. Enjoy it for both of us, Tony.

  2. I remember watching Charles Martin slam McMahon into the ground in that game. I wasn't ever -- and am not now -- a fan of either Jim McMahon or the Bears, but that was the worst thing I'd ever seen.

    I didn't figure out until just seeing the clip again now that his justification for doing that was the pick. He was "blocking", I guess.

    Boy, Forrest Gregg sure had a dirty team, didn't he?

  3. I remember some of this ... 1985 was when Cleveland still had a team (yeah, I know we allegedly have one now, but ...)

    Enjoy today's game.


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