#FridayFlash: Old Stones

Something a little different this week. My #FridayFlash isn't here - it's posted over at the Rammenas fiction web site. It was prompted by this photograph - who are they? What are they talking about? What is their story? Go read my #FridayFlash to find out.

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  1. Then the sun fell out of the sky.

    "Now was that a sign to me, or...?"

  2. She's saying: "See if you put chalk in your mouth it looks like a cigarette."

  3. He's saying: So do you really think I look like Errol Flynn?

  4. That was great Tony!

    Here's what I said, over there:

    This is superb Tony! Writing in all dialogue takes great skill and talent, not many can do it and make the story come through so well. You can, period.

  5. Taut, specific and focused dialogue. Brilliant.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  6. This was great, Tony. I always love your dialogue and you're very good at creating tension with it. I believed these people. Well done.

  7. Thanks for reading, and for your terrific comments, both here and over at the story site.

    I'm glad you liked the dialogue. I enjoy writing dialogue, so much so that some of my stories devolve into people sitting around talking, without much of anything else. So long as I can maintain the dramatic tension, maybe that's not a bad thing. 8-)

  8. I'm looking at this again after reading your dialogue and these people have transformed from random strangers in a photo to living breathing human beings. I feel compelled to say something about the power of words but fear the cheese.

  9. @Jason: Fear not the cheese. I'm pleased - thrilled, actually - that the dialogue made these two come alive for you.

    We hear that phrase so often, don't we? Characters "come alive" in one way or another. It's become such a cliche that we resist it. Here, though, the force of the words took a stock photo made you care. You look at her, trying to see the traces of worry about her family. You look at him, trying to parse out the concern for his... what? His friend? His neighbor? The girl of his dreams? The object of a tragic love, forever unrequited?

    They have lives, vitality that exists beyond this frame, extending backwards into their pasts and forwards into their futures, and all because of the words.

    Feel the power, Jason. Embrace it and revel in it. That's what it's there for.

  10. I have different ideas to what they are saying but let's see what you write

  11. I took a picture of this old neighbourhood last September, but when I came home and had a good look at the photo, I noticed the interesting features of these two people. It made me wonder what their story was. I've posted 9 versions of this story so far and there is more to come. All different, stories, form and style.
    Thanks for your great contribution Tony!


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