Poll: What do you want to hear?

As promised, here's a chance for you to express your opinion, and make suggestions. What would you like me to talk about? Characters? Plotting? Novel-writing software? Martinis vs. margaritas? The relative merits of rotary engines? How to leverage social media presence into an effective author platform?

Make suggestions in the comments, I'll pick a few and see what I can do.

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  1. Real stuff injected with your personality. How's that? I enjoy following you.

  2. social media and author platforms...or bear trapping. You pick.

  3. So far we have:
    1. Novel writing software
    2. Life (that's easy - 42)
    3. Real stuff ala Tony (thanks, Ezzy!)
    4. Social media & author platform (I know nothing about trapping bears, just shooting them)

  4. I have a hard enough time thinking of things for me to write. :p As long as it's in your voice anything is fine by me.


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