Sci-fi noir serial: Just Enough Power

Patricia Lonnigan's problem is nothing a good killing wouldn't fix. Marked for elimination by her former boss, the crime lord Meng-Shiu Tong, Lonnigan might have just used her psionic abilities and assassin skills to disappear. Might have, if she hadn't made so many enemies along the way. Now, kidnapped and put to work by a rival gang, she has to outthink and outfight her new boss if she's going to survive long enough to free her imprisoned mentor and enact revenge. Difficult jobs are Lonnigan's professional stock in trade; impossible jobs are her specialty.

"Just Enough Power" is a sci-fi thriller, a web serial of nanotech and old school noir, set in a world where power belongs to those willing to use it.

Episode 1: Exit the Acrobat
Episode 2: After-action report
Episode 3: Diesel coffee
Episode 4: A little bit of truth
Episode 5: Red sky in the morning
Episode 6: Waiting game
Episode 7: Food for thought
Episode 8: Only the spoon
Episode 9: Bring me a dream
Episode 10: Stuff
Episode 11: Hugs & kisses
Episode 12: In and out
Episode 13: Good girl
Episode 14: Lunch, interrupted
Episode 15: Battery change
Episode 16: Coming around 
Episode 17: Laser light
Episode 18: Outing