Three Word Wednesday: conniption, janky, scooch

What the hell? Aside from "conniption", these aren't even real words! Nevertheless, I play the cards I'm dealt.

The Three Words for today are: conniption, janky, scooch

I know that this poem is janky,
A conniption caused by hanky-panky
Thom pulled with these Three
(worse than Scooch on TV!)
Maybe next week's words won't be so wanky

Click to enlarge, because they are SO DARN CUTE!

"Wanky" isn't a real word either, but I figured turnabout is fair play.

Note: Thom defines these words thusly:
conniption; noun: a bad tantrum. One has a conniption or conniption fit.

janky; adjective: broken or functioning poorly or improperly; messed up.

scooch; verb: to move over, or to scoot.


Also, for my "One Shot Wednesday" friends, the poems here never really get any better than this. Sorry.

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  1. Tisk - Scooch! Whatever happened to them? I think one of them was on 'Coach trip' (am 'janky' enough to watch daytime TV!)you played well with the hand you were dealt.. (as ever) ..Jae

  2. LOL!

    And Thom said, poets will not have it easy. What does HE know?!

    I too did not feel cranky!

  3. Sheilagh Lee said:Well done and great use of the prompts.

  4. Great minds think alike, and there was no HANKY PANKY. Funny piece.

  5. That's beautiful.. well, we can olnly hope for next week.. you never know Thom may have some more up his sleeves..

  6. Very funny. I never knew Scooch was the name of a band; they seem incredably perky. In Thom's defense "scooch" is a word. It's used affectionately when you want to sit next to someone (scooch over hon, let me sit on the couch).

  7. I suppose all words were invented in the first place....even 'Ugg!'

  8. Thanks for reading, everyone. I think I fractured a my frontal lobe composing this.

  9. I think most of us just wanted to prove ThomG wrong. On the down side, he'll probably do it again and make it more difficult.

    Good, job, Tony.

  10. takes a special place fer mind to go. scooch over, e e cummings lol great job

  11. I hadn't heard janky before, but scooch and conniption fits are straight from my childhood. So they've been around a very long time. If they're not real words, they should be.

    Enjoyed how you met this week's challenge.

    My 3WW: The Victual Voyager

  12. Love it lol

    I don't know about anyone else but I think the poets were able to get this down without a problem

  13. I don't know... I usually like those conniptions caused by hanky-panky...

  14. I had to change it up, Man. Did it work? I liked yours.


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