Getting back to work

The holiday break has been great, but things go back to a more regular schedule tomorrow. I'm going to re-open my NaNoWriMo later today; I haven't looked at it since the marathon 7K day on November 30 that put me over the top of 50K.

Confession: I left it at a cliffhanger, but didn't actually write the ending. I'd done 7000+ words that day, so was seriously low on gas. I know how it ends, though. I need to finish the ending of this first draft, then print the whole thing out so I can re-read it and make notes on what to do in the second draft.

I'm going to try a different physical approach to this than I have in the past. I've always used double-sided printing to save paper, and taken notes on a steno pad, referring to scenes and page numbers. This time, I'm going to single-side print and put it in a binder so as to give myself room for notes on the facing (blank) page.

Crazy, right? I'll let you know how it works.

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  1. It all starts with a plan. After revisions and editing are you planning to send it to beta-readers or do you have a critique group?

  2. I'm planning on sending it to beta-readers. I don't have a critique group that I work with.

    First draft, second draft, third draft. Rest, then revisions & edits. When I think it's well and truly done, beta-readers, followed by revisions. Line edits and proofreading, then submission starts.

    That's the plan.

  3. It sounds like you know what you're doing. I like the 3-ring binder idea, easier to keep WIP and random notes in sequence WITHOUT losing them (I'm famous for losing notes). Recently found a scrap piece of paper under the couch with "chickens fall off semi" scribbled on it. Good luck with the revisions.


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