Writing in the midst of noise

Whining, yelling, shouting, screaming, crying, calling noise.

Asking, telling, needing, pleading, wanting, complaining, cheering noise.

Eating, drinking, pushing, chasing, catching, shoving, spilling,
mopping, throwing, dropping, kicking, running noise.

The silence of a blank page shouts at me, deafening me with demands
that I cannot meet, its needs cried out and swept away like the scent
of lilacs in the teeth of a vampire sirocco wind.

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  1. I liked this Tony because the blank page requires so much from us, it holds a promise that we try to meet, it offers so many variations of thought and yet, we wonder if we can meet them even half way.

  2. Thanks, Helen. This was very much a stream of consciousness post, trying to hear what the blank page was trying to say and failing.


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