How to blog about KLOUT: the 3 secret tricks

Want to learn the industry insider secrets to writing a blog about Klout or anything else? Don't write a long, cogent discussion of the facts - BORING! Here are the keys to a successful blog post about Klout:

1. Use A Big Font For The Headings
This one will absolutely grab your readers, and the best part is that it takes so little effort on your part, because it's devoid of content!

2. Keep The Words Small
What do Twinkies, CocaCola and Tootsie Rolls have in common? That's right! They are easy to swallow, easy to digest, and people love to come back for more. Nutrition free, but who cares?

3. Promise Wealth Beyond The Dreams Of Avarice
Armed with these secrets, YOU will be able to write amazing blog posts on ANY subject! Don't know anything about it? Haven't really thought about it? Completely misunderstand the finer-grained issues surrounding it? Doesn't matter! Keep the fonts big, the words small, and the promises outlandish, and YOU, my friend, are an expert!

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  1. I'm glad you also included the word "secrets" in your title. You get extra points for that. But you neglected to include some variation of prize, giveaway, chance to win, contest, or free. :-(

  2. What about the set of Ginzu knives at the end?

  3. @ Icy: Genius. Exactly! What we need here is a genius! Anybody know one?

    @ Li and Laura: Doh! I forgot about the giveaway! OK, make that FOUR secrets!


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