#FridayFlash: Pleasurebot, Parts 1 & 2

In connection with the Scribbles Blog Hop, I wrote my FridayFlash this week in longhand, using my writing journal. You can read it below in these two photos. Click to enlarge, and don't give me a hard time about my handwriting. For the curious, I wrote this story using this pen, a Parker 51 filled with Sheaffer's Skrip ink (black).

And now, I present "Pleasurebot, Parts 1 & 2".

Pleasurebot, part 1

Pleasurebot, part 2

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  1. Wow, now there's a blogging first — skip that whole transcription part & slap the handwriting directly on the blog! Fun little letter too.

  2. Very Asimov-esque -- so much so that I half expected you to reference the three rules of robotics. Nice!

  3. Interesting take on the subject, and made all the more potent since it's written by hand. Whose hand? Yours, or the pleasurebot's?!

  4. Huh, that was a neat approach. Novel that a robot/droid is registering its thoughts in a backwards format.

  5. Cool story! Just the right amount of creepy.

  6. Makes since that a pleasurebot would be analog.

  7. At first as I was reading I thought a pleasure bot - just what every girl needs! Then I read on..... ^__^

    I must admit I did have trouble reading the transcript, probably because my eye sight is not what it use to be - nevertheless it was a pleasure to read ....


  8. I enlarged the picture just so I could read it!! I like the story. A pleasure bot of my own sounds good. ;)

    Also, the lack of crossed out lines and perfectly spelled words impresses me. How many tries did it take to get a clean copy?

  9. @ Red: I'm actually more human than most people realize.

    @ FARfetched: Heh, typing it straight into the blog is MUCH easier!

    @ 4ndyman: Despite Asimov's putting such restrictions on robots so they won't harm people, his people hardly ever harm his robots, do they?

    @ Icy: "Whose hand? Yours, or the pleasurebot's?!" We both have the same handwriting. Make of that what you will.

    @ John Wiswell: Thanks, John! Some of the first automata were built to write out messages by hand with a quill dipped in ink. People derived a great deal of pleasure from watching them write.

    @ Angela: I'm glad you liked it!

    @ Raven: The analog touch makes a pleasurebot much more human.

    @ Helen: "At first as I was reading I thought a pleasure bot - just what every girl needs!" Keep it clean, keep it clean...

    @ storytreasury: "Also, the lack of crossed out lines and perfectly spelled words impresses me. How many tries did it take to get a clean copy?" First take, best take. I wrote down a few preliminary ideas for this story in Evernote, but this is the raw first draft of the complete piece, and the first (and only) handwritten copy. I made up the ending on the fly. The only restriction I put on myself here was that it had to wrap up in two pages, since I figured people wouldn't click on more than two images to enlarge and read.

  10. Very nice! And with legible handwriting, no less. I dug the Asimov feel to it. Well done.

  11. Love this story. Like everyone else, I can see the resemblances to Asimov's Robot stories.

    I'd never have the nerve to post a story written longhand, though. I'd send people to the hospital with epileptic seizures from trying to read my left-handed mess. Nice compliment to the blog hop, though. :)


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