Thinking better of posting this story

I just wrote a story that I was going to post here. As it developed, though, I realized that it was pretty good. In fact, with the right illustrations, it might be good enough to be a kid's book.

Do I post it anyway? Or do I do the entrepreneurial thing and try to find an illustrator and chew over this idea with him/her?

This time, anyway, I'll take Door #2.

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  1. I would say you made the right decision. Most writers seem to be highly critical of their work, and if you fall into that category as well, then what you think is pretty good is probably - great! Good luck and keep us posted:-)

  2. I know plenty of illustrators if you decide you want to take it somewhere!

  3. @ Cathy: Yes. Yes, I am.

    @ Li: It's pretty good, and my beta readers have pointed out a few ways to make it even better.

    @ Icy: Thanks! I'm going to sit on this, perhaps write a few more stories in the same vein. I'm guessing that bringing out a longer set of stories, or several smaller books at once, would be better than a stand-alone.


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