Wednesday #limerick: hollow, misery, shallow

Coming as it does on the heels of my exhausted cris de coeur of last night, the three words for this week's Three Word Wednesday are rather prophetic: hollow, misery, shallow

Black misery in which I wallow,
It gnaws at me, makes me so hollow.
I'm shallow and vain,
But real is the pain:
@SalmanRushdie chose not to back-follow!

Man, when you see three words like that, you either go for the "still-beating heart ripped from the chest of a weeping man", or you go for the "rubber chicken mit seltzer down zee pants".

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  1. Love how you worked the words together.
    Visting from Three word Wednesday.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. love how you tied that all together Happy thanksgiving to you

  3. LOL, I will feel the same when Salman Rushdie ignores my follow. Nice.

  4. The three words cleverly worked into an interesting post.


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