Implosion and confusion: Pangaean Airlines

The abrupt closure of Pangaean Airlines is the backdrop of the action in the interlaced anthology The Yin and Yang Book. These twenty stories share more than just a setting. Characters interact, engage one another and drive each other. Each story was written in collaboration with the other authors. Ten male authors (including your obedient servant) with a female editor, ten female authors with a male editor. I've got a copy (naturally) and I can tell you that this book is terrific.

It's been a pleasure to see the early drafts of the stories come into focus and intermesh as the action zooms along. There are stolen paintings, kidnappings, religious persecution, poisonings, rebellion against overbearing mothers, too much perfume, sex, lust, fear, kidnappings, murder, lost luggage... you name it, this collection has it.

The paperbacks come out on December 1st. As the authors come from Australia, the UK, Europe, and the US, this is a time-smeared launch event! The facebook virtual party is ongoing, so feel free to stop by and join the action.

Also, there will be live tweets from the authors about Pangaean and its collapse, under the hashtag #pangaean. Tweets will be in character, so it should be interesting! In the book, Pangaean goes into receivership at 6:30am UK time which will be 1:30 am EST time – REALLY early Thursday morning. I can't promise live tweets that are in sync, but I'll do what I can!

You can read the opening of my story, "Dogs of War" right here. That link also includes me discussing the story, so you can get some insight into how I developed the main character, Vince Guerrero, who is also (for a while at least) on Twitter. To buy the book (which is well worth your filthy lucre), check out the official bookstore for eMergent Publishing. Also, with purchase of the paperback, you get a free download. Go do it!
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