Poll: I would like you to post more...

For all my website visitors, RSS readers and e.mail subscribers, I've put a poll up on the left side of my blog. From now to next Friday, November 11, please tell me about your preferences:

I would like you to post more...
  • fiction. 
  • writing advice. 
  • personal insights. 
  • funny poems. 
  • wild-eyed rants. 
  • porn. 
  • of the same. 
This information will help the writing, editing and content curation staff here at Landless (i.e., me, me and me) to know what's working for you, what you like, and what I know few people will care about, but which I'll post anyway. You can select multiple options, so don't worry about having to choose (for example) more fiction OR more wild-eyed rants. If you like both, you can ask for both.

With this knowledge, I can work harder to make you happier. You do want to be happier, don't you? Now's your chance.

Happy clicking!

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