My Top 10 posts in 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, I thought you might like to have a quick look back at the most popular posts of 2012:

1. Standing desk ergonomics: height. This explains, in diagrammatic detail, exactly how high to make your standing desk. Very informative.

2.  The best fundraising speech ever. I wrote these when I had a speech to write. Funny, but DON'T actually use this formula.

3. March 2012. Curiously, the data say that this compilation of  everything I wrote in March, 2012 is among the biggest hits. Why March? No idea.

4. Let's talk about my elbow. In which I talk about my elbow.

5. Precise magic. A #Fridayflash story about a new kind of witch.

6. Funny, but useless. Editing - when good words must go.

7. 12 things successful assassins do differently. Advice on how to make a killing.

8. 6 ways to make money writing crap. Advice on how to make a different kind of killing.

9. The last page. A #Fridayflash story about the closing of a book.

10. Hey, jerk - I'm talking to you! Does following too many people make you an asshole?

Also among the most popular were  Ode to the semicolon (a poem written in honor of my favorite punctuation mark) and How to repair a dead monitor (a DIY how-to that will save lots of money). However, these were written before 2012, and aren't in the running for Best of 2012, no matter how evergreen they are.

Enjoy, and feel free to link, RT or otherwise cross-post these.

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