Standing desk ergonomics: height

I was wondering about this, since I'm a lardass writer. Maybe you're a lardass writer, too, and have the same question I did. Just how tall should a standing desk be?

This graphic is from the TinkeringMonkey article, "Do Your Back A Favor, Get A Standing Desk".

Since I've heard it's better to ease into this, I think I'm going to try having my desktop and my laptop running simultaneously, with content mirrored on the network. I'll be able to switch back and forth between the desktop, which will, uh, be on the desktop, and the laptop, which will be set up higher.

Links about standing desks, cribbed SHAMELESSLY from the Wikipedia article about them.

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  1. i think i can make this work if i pile some boxes on my desk. Maybe it would cure my aches and pains?


  2. I use a homemade standing desk that ... well, probably comes close to matching those dimensions of the diagram, though I just kind of made it up. I love it. Until I get tired of standing. then I don't so much.

  3. mooderino: Putting boxes on the desk would work to raise everything up. The only problem I might see is stability (and looks).

    Jeff: I've heard that being able to switch back and forth is best. That would mean either an easily adjustable desk (i.e. motorized) or two desks.

  4. Ah, now I understand your tweet last night about cutting a hole in the floor in front of your desk.
    Since I have the opposite problem - a skinny boney butt - I substitute sitting on a large exercise ball in front of the desk sometimes. It's also supposed to tone your abs/core muscles. I haven't got a six-pack yet, so I guess I need to sit and do more writing.

  5. Fit the furniture appropriately. There are several designs for home office furniture.

  6. Hey Tony, I too am a "writer," and I just thought you should know about the latest writing tool I've acquired: an adjustable height desk. I've been using one at work for a while, but at home I was using a makeshift "standing desk"-- a table, a chair, and a box. Recently, though, NextDesk released a smaller and more affordable version of their adjustable height desk called the NextDesk solo. So I'm saying goodbye to my DIY setup at home and getting one for the smaller space. Just thought I'd spread the word. Happy writing!

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