Wednesday #limerick: bubble, lumber, wreck

Each Wednesday, I compose a limerick using the prompt over at Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: bubble, lumber, wreck.

On the bubble, the boy was a wreck.
Would his grades keep him out of CalTech?
But Daddy's remission
Greased the skids of admission.
A fortune from lumber: stacked deck. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. I am sure that happens a lot money does seem to grease some people's way.

  2. Great limerick. Oh, to be one of the one-percenters - NOT!

  3. Lucky to have parents with money eh!

  4. I think all these home renos have helped you during rhyme time! Fab.

  5. The moment you want to say... lucky kid but a weak would be harder.. have a look at my Happy Poem and a Haiku at 3WW.. thanks!!

  6. Wry and sharp as a wood choppers axe..Jae

  7. But will he be able to see the wood from the trees? I think not (or is that knot?)


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