Too late to catch the morning edition

As I'm writing this, it's almost lunchtime. All of the advice about blogging says that morning is the best time - the only time, really - to put new blog posts up, so as to catch the entire day's traffic. Instead of posting something mid-day, it should be saved and slotted for the morning window of another day.

But what if you didn't write a post for this morning, and the mid-day post is all you have?

Don't be silly. SERIOUS bloggers don't have to worry about that, because SERIOUS bloggers always have something written for every day. There will always be plenty of material in the can or written days or weeks ahead of time.

Evergreen pieces on writing, craft, inspiration or encouragement can go up anytime. They should be sprinkled liberally through your blog, like salt spread on an icy driveway, melting through the treacherous layers of slippery confusion to reveal the One True Path that lies beneath, making safe the way for your readers.

Of course, evergreen pieces can always be bumped for late-breaking, topical pieces, or recently secured interviews with industry leaders, or other top-level content.

This, then, is how SERIOUS bloggers make it all happen: organized, focused, following their plan with dedication and professionalism.

I, on the other hand, just spin gold out of straw as the castle is burning down around me, for I’m to be Queen o’ the May, mother, I’m to be Queen o’ the May!

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  1. But just because it's YOUR afternoon, doesn't mean it isn't MORNING somewhere else! The "internets" are global!

    So there. :p

    And I'm supposed to have tons planned out ahead of time? Oops.

  2. Crap! Really? Tons of posts in the can? Now I'm really in trouble. *grins*
    Actually, I post only on Monday so I can spend the rest of the week visiting everybody's blog. *glances around nervously* Okay, that's half of the reason anyway. :)



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