Wiswell's questions

Yesterday, I posted 11 random facts about myself after John Wiswell awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. Today, I'll answer John's questions.

1. If you were given sheltered time tonight to watch any one movie, during which no one would walk in, call, or text to bother you, what would you pick?


2. What’s the last book that left you envying the writer?

I envy lots of writers, but most recently? "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making" by Catherynne M. Valente.

3. What did you envy about that book?

Right from the start, the book goes off into deep, unapologetic fantasy, completely self-assured in the 150-proof wierdness. No initial chapter of throat-clearing to establish a framing normalcy, no explaination of why and how the adventure is a logical outgrowth of something. It just dives right in.

4. What’s your favorite phone call that you’ve ever received?

Someone I worked with 17 years ago called me out of the blue to talk about a recent project of hers, prompted solely by the thought that I might be interested in hearing how things are going.

5. What is the most recent food you couldn’t resist?

Caramel nut clusters.

6. What is the sickest burn anyone has ever laid on you?
(A crowd of Tony and Tony's friends. Alcohol is present.)
Person A: "Hey, Tony, I've got a complicated problem. Maybe you can help me with it."
Tony: "Sure, what's up?"
Person A: "Well, it's a science question. You know a lot about science, so I figured you'd know the answer."
Person B: "Or at least he'd be able to make up something that sounds plausible, right?"
(General laughter and agreement.)
Tony: "....."

7. What is the sickest burn you’ve ever laid on someone else?

Not going to answer this one. My past is littered with my attempts to score points with the sick, sicker, sickest burns. My wit was so sharp that among my friends and family, respect for my verbal skill gradually turned into fear. The bon mots were hilarious (for everyone except the target), but dreadfully pointed. I've since made a conscious decision to lay off that kind of thing.

8. Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you more violent? Can you recall an instance?

The NRA's recent press conference made me want to punch Wayne Lapierre and his lackeys in Congress.

9. Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you kinder? Can you recall an instance?

Yes, this one:
10. You’ve got a friend named ‘John’ who tends to listen to musicians one song at a time, and dislikes albums. You’ve got a band you want him to try. What song do you recommend first?

Ella Fitzgerald. Start with "Miss Otis Regrets" , from the Cole Porter Songbook

11. The ghost of a loved one is going to try to communicate with you through a car stereo. It’s all that was available at the time, don’t judge. You don’t have to tell us who it is or what they wanted to say, but you do have to tell us what the song would be.

"Nothing" from the original cast recording of "A Chorus Line"

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