Fresh review(s) of Blood Picnic

If you pop over to Amazon, you can read the reviews of "Blood Picnic and other stories". Just for fun, I've included below some excerpts of a review that I think really captures what I was trying to do with this anthology of flash fiction:
There were some really good, and even great ones...the book deserves some of the good reviews I see here... reminiscent of Steven King... I would read more by this author, and a couple of the stories would have been really interesting to expand on.

For the sake of full disclosure, I've also included some excerpts of a 2-star review:
I found the stories a bit formulaic... mechanical plot twists weighed it down and rendered the wit trite... more snark than substance

Which review is more accurate? Spend $0.99 and go find you for yourself! When you're done reading, feel free to leave a review. I think you'll like it, but I'm pretty biased. Whether you feel like the person who wrote that first review, or are more like the second, all views are welcome.

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