An Unexpected Shout-Out

Over on Tom Gillespie's blog Adventures in Writerland, Rebecca Emin is being interviewed about her book, "A Knowing Look and other stories". When asked what attracted her to the short fiction form and who some of her favorite authors are, she said (in part):
One day I saw a competition on a blog for short stories, entered it and won, which was a massive surprise. I then discovered Friday Flash (#fridayflash on Twitter) ( and began writing flash fiction as a part of that community. I read a lot of flash fiction as well and am now totally hooked on the form. It would be impossible for me to name one favourite short story writer as I read so widely now, but I always enjoy stories by Tania Hershman, Nik Perring ( ) (who also edited A Knowing Look), Tony Noland, and Alison Wells.
Thanks for the shout-out, Rebecca!

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