Each rotten December

On Wednesdays, I compose a limerick based on the prompt from Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: battle, fluid, harvest  (it's more fun if you read it aloud - try it!):

The battle commences once more
More fluid this year than before

Each rotten December
Depression dismember
A harvest of "Joy" 'mid the gore

 ~~~~~ * * * ~~~~~

For me, Christmas is an anxious, depressing time of the year, made all the worse for the fact that it seems to start a week or two before Halloween. I really like Advent, but always have to struggle to gear up for Christmas.

I'll leave this "buy my book" boilerplate intact, but really, it's more out of a sake of completeness than out of any notion that readers will get this far in today's post.

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  1. so true sometimes no matter how much we seek joy in December sorrow finds us.

  2. Ha. Who put the joyeux in Joyeux Noel?

  3. I'm not allowed to interpret this one as beating up kids, am I?

  4. Well done getting the three words into a limerick!


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