So soon, the crap creeps back in

After a busy, tiring weekend, I popped on Twitter a few minutes ago, thinking to see what's up, what people are talking about, maybe chat a bit. What I saw was sniping and counter-sniping about President Obama's eulogy at the memorial service for the shooting victims in Newtown, CT. It was, by most accounts, a moving, touching, respectful act of the leader of our country.

But not by ALL accounts, and those were the ones I saw on Twitter tonight.

Conservatives carped that the President wasted no time in making political hay of the dead children and teachers. By this, they presumably mean that he is opening the door to tougher gun control laws.

I also saw someone say that the real cause of this shooting was the liberals, who have inculcated a widespread disrespect for "innocent life". Apparently, the logic here is:

"cop-killer ammo + assault rifle + lunatic pulling the trigger over and over and over = killing children"


"abortions = killing children"


"liberal Democrats = abortions"

so therefore

"liberals pulled the trigger in Newtown, CT"

It's outrageous, disgusting crap, and it is flowing back into the public sphere like a foul, stinking tide. It was kept away for less than 48 hours, but now it's back in full force.

All those first graders who asked Santa for dolls, bikes, puppies and video games, but who instead got early "Christmas presents" of three or four copper-jacketed, expanding slugs each? They weren't available for comment on how irredeemably shitty the right wing has become.

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  1. I'm almost happy I've been too sick to keep up with news and cultural arguments the last week. Nerve problems in my leg, back spasms and a possible second surgery look superior to wading into the screaming matches between people who won't listen to each other and, with every exchange, destroy their privilege to be heard by sounding like what you quote above.


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