Wednesday #Poetry: Gasp, Mute, Viable

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday.

Today's words are Gasp, Mute, Viable.

She asked with a gasp, "Viable?
Und vy is dat bottle haf-full?"
I stood stupid and mute
With my sketch of a brute,
So sloshed that I saw it duh-bull.

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  1. Oh I just loved this! Well done :o)

  2. That was so funny and such a unique take, I loved it :)

  3. LOL very witty!
    A half bottle of what!! Dare I ask....LOL

  4. Thanks, guys. I tried like hell to work in a joke about Roman engineering, ala "Viaduct? Because it's not a chicken!", but I just couldn't pull it off within this limerick.

  5. Loved it, next time draw her, sounds as though she is haf-ful too!

  6. Cracked me up!


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