Take comfort, dear reader

I know how sad and bereft you are, dear readers. Any day without a blog post from me is hard to take, but to have come to this point after such a difficult few weeks would test the strength of anyone. What with my pressing obligations - work and travel and all - poor Landless has been more like Contentless, hasn't it? I don't mean to cause you such pain and heartbreak, dear readers, especially since we...


You're... not sad? Not bereft?


No, that's fine. That's good, actually. Very good.

So you're completely OK? Feeling fine, and all? Happy, contented, etc., etc.?

I mean, even though I don't have a blog post today, you're still fine?

Oh. Well, that's cool. I mean, that's great! I'm so happy for you.

I'll have a new blog post at some point, though, so be sure to come back!

Right, see you then!


Or it might be a poem, or a story. So, y'know...

Well. Anyway, see you later, OK!


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  1. Oh!

    Were you talking to me?


    Sure. I'm okay.

    All right then.

    Catch you later.

  2. Why does this remind me of Go Dog, Go?

  3. Danni: Exactly.

    Cathy: Do you like my hat?


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