Sunday fiction

"I brought you here so I could show you the world," said the King.

"I can see more in my crystal than you could ever show me, more than
the eyes of any normal man could understand," said the Sage.

"I brought you here so I could tell you about the world," said the King.

"I can hear more from my whispering bells than you could ever tell me,
more than the ears of any normal man could parse," said the Sage.

"I brought you here so I could bring you Death," said the King.

"I can feel more pain from my blades than you could ever inflict upon
me, more than the heart of any normal man could withstand," said the

"Pain, yes, but not Death," responded the King.

The Sage said nothing, but looked out over the Valley of Kings, saw
the sunlight refracted and reflected among the walls and halls of
diamond, alabaster and jasper. He heard the music of the north wind as
the fluted streets sang and rang below.

"Bestow your gift, then, O gracious Sovereign, upon me, your servant.
For if any normal man can take me from this world, let it be you. Let
it be here. Let it be now."

So saying, the Sage closed his eyes and stopped his ears, as he had
done so many, many times before with so many, many Kings of the earth.

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