That was the night that was

Goodbye, Hurricane Irene. You could have been a lot worse for me. Do me a favor and show the same restraint to all other current and future "hosts", OK?

As of 11:30, it's still windy and raining. Flash flood warnings and watches remain up, and we could still lose trees or power in a wind gust, but the worst of it is over now.

I stayed up until about 4:00 to keep an ear out for tornadoes. Several scary moments, amid hours and hours of heavy, dangerous rain and wind. When the tornado watches expired, I finally called it a night, locked the place up, did a few final checks. Head hit the pillow at 4:30, was asleep by 4:33.

For the record, I did not spend those long hours writing anything at all. I watched "X-Files", finishing off the second season and getting deep into the third. I admire and envy anyone who could have worked on a novel, a screenplay, a story or anything else under similar circumstances. Anything I might have produced would have been incoherent busywork to be deleted in the morning light.

My thanks to all my Twitter and Facebook friends with whom I exchanged check-ins during the night. It made the vigil infinitely more bearable.

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