FridayFlash Reader's Choice award

I'm thrilled and honored that not one, but TWO of my stories have been nominated for the "Best of Friday Flash, Vol. 2" Reader's Choice award:

"A Double Month of Dust in Whiskey Gulch", one of my rare forays into the Western fiction genre


"Where the Hell is Tony's #FridayFlash?", a silly little piece of wish fulfillment.

You can go to the website and vote for your favorite in the sidebar poll. They are all great stories, so I encourage you to read them all before voting. Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations, Tony. It's kind of weird to get double-nominated, isn't it?

  2. Yes, John, it does feel a bit odd. I'm pleased that people remember and like my work. To be nominated at all is an honor... to get a double nomination is delightful. But, of course, you know that feeling quite well!

    Being an associate editor of the anthology, I wasn't able to nominate any stories and I can't vote. Fascinating to watch it all unfold from this vantage point.


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