Choose Your Own Adventure - science fantasy

September 15 is fast approaching as the official launch date for the science fantasy Choose Your Own Adventure story, "History's Keeper". The heart-pounding blurb:

The beautiful and mysterious Selene, one of the beings charged with managing the flow of events through time, has a terrible secret: she once used the fundamental forces of the universe for her own illicit purposes. Now, the crime that she thought she had buried away forever has been unearthed to be used against her by someone she once loved. Left unchecked, the terrible power will threaten not merely her own destruction, but that of the entire world. Can she outrace her own colleagues to track down the evidence of her crime and contain the damage before it's too late? In a wild ride that spans centuries and cultures, "History's Keeper" is a science fantasy adventure with thousands of permutations. Save the world, fall in love, rescue a princess or see all of existence shattered and destroyed.... where will your choices take you?

Along with being an associate editor of this CYOA story and helping to guide some of the decision trees, I contributed several of the stories it contains. The team of authors was an exceptionally talented one, with many names you'll recognize. The whole package is well worth the $1.99 price of admission.

More details will come later, with prizes including free access to "History's Keeper" and a contest where you, yes, YOU can win a cameo appearance in the story.

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  1. Having just done a CYOA flash (with only two branching locations) I have many sympathys for you. Price should be higher :)

  2. This one has (does quick calculation) at least 81 branching locations, many of which loop back on each other across decision trees. LOTS of great writing here, and all of it streamlined by the writers and editors to keep the details straight and the action moving forward.

    $1.99 is a bargain.


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