Review of "Blood Picnic": "Delectable"

There's a new 5 star review of "Blood Picnic and other stories" up at It reads, in part:
Fans of horror and sci-fi will not be disappointed, and there is a liberal dose of spice sprinkled throughout.

This is a rich and satisfying collection to savour over several readings or to devour in one sitting.
The book is available at Amazon for Kindle, or at Smashwords for a variety of formats. At $2.99, that's only $0.10 per story - what a deal!

Also, in the interests of full disclosure, "Blood Picnic and other stories" got 3 stars at Goodreads (just the rating, no review). Would you give "Blood Picnic" 3 stars? 5 stars? 1 star? Buy the book yourself and post your own rating!

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