Wednesday #Poetry: Appear, Dose, Pierce

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday.

Today's words are Appear, Dose, Pierce.

I saw you appear at the show
With his hand lightly on your elbow
My heart felt a pierce
Like a poison dose fierce
And all I could think was, "Please, no."

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  1. Just be glad it was only on her elbow! Good rhythm to this one.

  2. Could feel the pain.

  3. Something of a 3WW departure for you, but I really like this one.

  4. it is sad to find one self cheated on this way.

  5. Great limerick and enjoyable!! You do it with such ease every time!! :)

  6. Ouch! Nice job with this one.

  7. Thanks for reading, everyone. As I've discussed here previously, limericks are so typically happy and funny that it can be rather jarring to put the form to a sadder or more serious purpose.

  8. Tony, I LOVE that you used this form to a sadder effect. Takes the limerick to a higher level in a way. Felt so bad for the guy... we women get those same stabs. Nicely done. Amy


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