Wednesday #Poetry: Drench, Immune, Radiate

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday.

Today's words are Drench, Immune, Radiate.

Reed's ship hit a bad monkey wrench:
A big cosmic radiate drench
Ben's changes ensued
Nor immune was poor Sue
  With Johnny ne'er more to be quenched

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  1. Tributes to superheroes? Heck yeah!

  2. I am not up on superheroes enough and it took John's comment to tie the poem and the picture together. I'm a little dense at times. I think Ben is the rock guy. Johnny's obvious and so is Sue. That leaves Reed to be the last one.


  3. I love the superhero references.Great work.

  4. John: Hell yeah!

    Christopher: This is one for those who know the FF well. Back to more general references next week.

    Sheilagh: Thanks!


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