Wednesday #Poetry: Damp, Incensed, Skid

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday and One Shot Wednesday.

Today's words are Damp, Incensed, Skid.

Damp fog enshrouded Skid Row
Hiding all crimes from lampglow
Beyond reason incensed,
His right arm all tensed,
The mugger drew back for a blow

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  1. I like this! Great atmosphere to it, I could almost feel the fog swirling around me as I read it.

  2. Spooky! I know you said "Skid Row", but could be Whitechapel!

  3. in the shadows can be that way...

  4. Sheilagh Lee said I love the use of Skid could picture it all.

  5. Ya know if I were a mugger you would have given me the perfect scenario

    Love your lightheartedness in a foggy day.

  6. That's what a Mugger is supposed to do..well did he..

  7. I love the tension you creating in just a few lines.

  8. Very atmospheric & entertaining poem; but a mugger wouldn't find much worthwhile on skid row - would he?

  9. Thanks for reading and for the comments, guys! As it happens Old Altonian, I had the word "killer" in place of "mugger", right up to the final draft, when I changed it. I pulled the punch at the last minute. Somehow, it seems to fit more with a noir atmosphere, rather than being a clear Jack the Ripper homage which "killer" would have invoked. Too far in the other direction?

  10. tight piece. you painted an intense picture...both visually and emotionally

  11. Well done; your poem /
    swirls with tension and thick fog, /
    waiting for the punch.
    I went light this week, because last week's (Romeo Before Juliet) wasn't my best work.

  12. magical capture of your sentiments, way to go,

    share a piece with us today.


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