100 Stories for Queensland

The anthology, "100 Stories for Queensland" is out in paperback, and I've already got my copy:

What a good looking book!

All proceeds from sales of this collection go to benefit the victims of the horrendous flooding in Queensland, Australia earlier this year. From the Amazon page, where you can buy the book right now:
100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND is a collection of flash fiction in aid of the survivors of the 2011 Queensland Floods. 100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND has something for everyone, from slice of life to science fiction, fantasy to romance, paranormal to literary fiction. Heart-warming, quirky, inspiring and funny, the stories between these covers will lift readers to higher ground. Contributors include NY Times Bestselling author Sean Williams, popular authors Anita Heiss, Janet Gover and Sue Moorcroft. Foreword is by Queensland Writers Centre CEO, Kate Eltham. Wholesale discounts have been purposely kept low to maximise the money donated to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal - the nominated charity fund.
In this volume you'll find some of your favorite authors, and new writers whom you'll love. I was honored to be a part of this effort as part of the editorial staff. This is a collection to be proud of. Enjoy!

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