Renegade A to Z in tweets

For everyone who didn't participate in the A to Z blog series in April, Reginald Golding is orchestrating a Renegade A to Z blog post series for May. I responded to the challenge last night:

A is for Absinthe, specifically the bottle I've had sitting in my liquor cabinet for five years, but am too much of a coward to drink.

B is for "Blood Picnic", my new anthology, now on sale for Mother's Day. See blog for details.

C is for Cunnilingus. (Bet you didn't see *that* one coming, did you?)

D is for Dirk Pitt, the most overwrought (and over-written) protagonist ever.

E is for Elfquest. Remember Elfquest? I do.

F is for Friends
. Remember Friends? I don't, because I never saw it.

G is for Golllum, who got a much better treatment in the movies than in the books.

H is for Hansel, locked in a cage, waiting for Gretel to rescue him. Girl power, yo.

I is for Isolation
, which I need to write.

J is for the Justice League, who would get their ASSES KICKED by the Avengers.

K is for Kobolds, the most annoying monsters ever to have to kill as a 2nd level Fighter.

L is for Lucy van Pelt, that bitch.

M is for Mariachi Music, which is surprisingly danceable after you've had enough tequila.

N is for Noland. Tony Noland.

O is for Orpheus
, the original tourist who ended up in the wrong bar.

P is for Perfect
, which I will never be, and which I'd be happier if I stopped *trying* to be.

Q is for Quintessence
, a perfectly lovely word that I almost certainly won't get to use in conversation any time soon.

R is for Regional accents
, which add so much to writing when done well, and which make you want to kill the author otherwise.

S is for Sam Spade
, the rootstock of all hard-boiled detectives.

T is for Tequila. (See "Mariachi Music")

U is for UberTwitter
, which became UberSocial after Twitter turned asshole. (Good luck, @TweetDeck).

V is for Very
. There... I said "very". Edit that, pal.

W is for Wollstonecraft
, steampunk before her time.

X is for Xylologist
, someone who studies forms of wood. Scrabble, anyone?

Y is for YA
, a genre which will probably not welcome my novel, but what the hell, I have to call it something!

Z is for Zelda
, a game I've heard a lot about but have never played. #loser

n.b. My original tweets for D and M didn't come through. As @Farfetched58 pointed out to me, "D or M are both DM commands. I could txt "D TonyNoland xyz" to 40404 & you'd get it." You learn something new every day, if you pay attention.

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  1. I should be in bed asleep - but instead, I'm reading this a laughing. I sound kind of alike a maniac laughing in the dead of night suburbia.

    If I lived closer Tony - I'd be over there to crack the bottle of Absinthe with you. I've never drunk it either - but I reckon you'd be lots of fun to have hallucations with. You could always crack it, take a shot and then tweet!

    Thanks for bringing a giggle to an otherwise bleak day - oh that's right, that was 'yesterday'... it's 50 minutes into a new day.

  2. Cool solution to tweet A to Z instead of blog it. Well, at least if you think that blogging every single day of a month is an impossible task, like me. Lazy? Nah! lol

    Gollum is amazing! And I wouldn't have the guts to crack the absinthe either. ;P

  3. @ Jodi: I'm glad it was helpful, mate. Laughter isn't a universal cure-all for sweeping the blues away, but it's a good place to start. 8-)

    @ Mari: Believe it or not, I chose not to do the A to Z challenge because I already blog 4 or 5 days out of 7 every week. I didn't want the A to Z thing to interfere with my regular blog posting. Layering the A to Z posts on top of my usual stuff would be a tsunami of Tony Noland, and nobody wants that!

    I don't know if that's strategic thinking, rationalistic or complacent, but what I do seems to be working tolerably well for me.


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