Wordles as a top-level overview

This is the wordle from "Blood Picnic and other stories".

Wordle: "Blood Picnic and other stories"

It's more balanced than I would have expected. There aren't any repetitive phrases that overwhelm everything else. Since this is a collection of stories, rather than a novel, you might expect a certain heterogeneity. I avoided the overuse of the words "that", "very" and "suddenly". However, it seems that I like the word "just" quite a lot, perhaps too much.

Compare that to the wordle for my novel WIP, "Goodbye Grammarian".

Wordle: Goodbye Grammarian

I'm guessing a novel about Batman would emphasize the words "Batman" and "Bruce", so I'm not too worried about the massive preponderance of "Grammarian" and "Alex". Oh, and the love interest is named Kate. Can you tell?

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