I'm Still Here, Allegories and Celiac Disease

So much for the Rapture. The thing about Twitter is that the several days of lead time we got on this made the jokes fly fast and furious, right from the start. By the time the Rapture didn't happen, the joke was already stale.

(I've been busy the past few days, and will be busy today, so I'm just tossing out thoughts before I go shower and am thence offline for the rest of the day.)

I said my FridayFlash, "Again Take Up Thy Sword, Warrior King" was based on a true story. It is. Read the last line out loud: "With a bellow of conquering fury, King Dhoane'e of No Land attacked the first of the Dead Lines!" Then go back and re-read the story, substituting "writer" for "King". The number of settlers in the valley is my twitter followers, the number of nobles is the people who follow this blog, etc., etc., etc. Silly, but that's me.

Someone I know is being tested for Celiac disease, i.e. gluten intolerance. The list of symptoms matches up suspiciously well with a varied list of years-long medical complaints. No test results back yet, but that's a potential life-changer, that is.

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  1. Of course you're right, Tony. The jokes were stale before the event failed to happen. I just couldn't help making them. It's such a better topic than whatever Obama is giving a speech about this week, or the weather in Destination Y.

    You'll probably hate me when I make one more joke about it on Tuesday.


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