Wednesday #Poetry: Grin, Jumble, Naked

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday and One Shot Wednesday.

Today's words are Grin, Jumble, Naked.

You grin and my heart does a tumble
Emotions a-swirl, in a jumble
Does my naked form
Get you sexy and warm
Or was that a laugh 'neath your mumble?

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  1. ha. if you are a man there is only one answer to that question...playful verse...

  2. This is wonderfully delicious.

  3. you have a charming wit that comes through in your poetry.I truly enjoyed this.

  4. Tony what a delightful verse
    I wont laugh but will grin...

  5. Thanks for reading, guys! Yes, I've provoked a bit of laughter in my time...

  6. I love the playful quality. Very cute!

  7. Sweet and definitely relatable.


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