FridayFlash in the news

There's a good write-up in the London Weekly Standard about #FridayFlash. It reads, in part:
Friday Flash ( is a web-based project set up by one writer to spread short stories - getting more people to write and to read them. Based on the concept of "flash fiction" - which Friday Flash defines as a story of 1,000 words or fewer - anybody who fancies a go can bash out a short piece of fiction on a Friday, post it to their blog and tweet it using the hashtag #FridayFlash.
The article quotes Jon Strother and does a good job explaining FridayFlash.

It's a bit strange to read an article like this and hear FridayFlash described as a new phenomenon, but I guess I'm pretty close to it.

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  1. Awesome-sauce!! Now we wait until Hollywood buys the movie rights and makes a movie about good-looking 20yo's stabbing eachother in the back! :D

  2. It's exposure, therefore it's good!

  3. That's a fantastic bit of if only the New York Times and our Globe and Mail would take notice...

  4. I second Alan's comment!
    It's a great thing :)

    PS: I think it's described as new because of the name of the Reports (#51) but then again, the Vol.2 should've been a giveaway :)


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