Video: Get Tony On Ellen!

Was there ever a more ill-conceived, ill-fated idea?

Oh, Carrie... don't get caught up in my madness, I beg you. For your own sake, I beg you.

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  1. That is so right. You are funny, articulate and would be a Great guest and I’m sure anything would promote your writing and the sell of your book. ;-p

  2. Ha! How much fun is that? Don't you love how Twitter brings all the celebs right into your living room? Some of them are even gallant enough to respond.

  3. Paige, K.M.: Thanks! This is a bit of silliness, so I'm glad you liked it.

    As it happens, Ellen's official Twitter account follows me. She has 1.5M followers, but only follows ~50K.

    The irony of that is what prompted this whole line of thought.


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