How to cross-post your blog to Facebook

Set up Networked blogs in Facebook.

Authorize syndication of your blog to your Facebook profile(s): personal, author page, writing groups, or a combination.

And, um... that's it. I think.

Actually, this is really just a test post to see if I did it right.

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  1. Hi Tony. -- Just to add, if you have your FB authorized to cross-post to your twitter, then it ends up there. And THEN if you have your Twitter talking to your Linked In, your LI followers get your blog post too. The more automated the better, right? I use bloggers schedule function and write 2-3 blogs at a time ever few weeks, but they post once a week. I also use hootsuite to schedule facebook updates to my Excuse Editor fan page and Twitter (and sometimes personal). Have a good new year!


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