Getting on the Ellen DeGeneres show

On the subject of getting on the Ellen DeGeneres show:
(click on the image to embiggen it ---------->)

And so, after a bit of thought:

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  1. You're a shoe-in, Tony! But I heard that she likes daisies ;-)

  2. I can't stop laughing. That was too funny.

  3. "Oh my God, you are an idiot."
    "No, I'm a writer."

    Brilliant. Send her the flowers, Tony. And the link.

  4. If Ellen can make it on the cover of Oprah, surely you can make it on the Ellen show. Go Tony!

  5. PJ, John, Chris, Cathy: Thanks! This was a bit of "Self-Promotion reality check" - I'm glad you liked it!

  6. "I'll be funny and articulate and mention my website..." Lol!:D :D

  7. That was hysterical... I couldn't read my original tweet very well up in the corner...

    But Ellen just doesn't know what she's missing, really Tony. And your passionate 1500 twitter followers are right behind you :).

  8. This is so funny. The computerised voices make it even more so!

  9. Funny and articulate indeed!
    This gives a good giggle, where's the petition? (You should send both roses and daisies, and mention your website on the card!)

  10. Ruchiraa, Carrie, Rebecca, Susan: Thanks! This was fun to make.

    Carrie, if you click on the original tweet, you'll get a bigger JPG of it.


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