Three Word Wednesday: educate, object, silence

The Words for today are: educate, object, silence

"So that's what they want me to do."
He'd object with silence, I knew.
My prayers of late
Serve to educate
And illumine the path straight and true.

"When God responds to your prayers with silence, it means that you already know the answer to your question." - Rabbi Chaim Ben-habbekah

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  1. Well, if any post could capture some of my world at the moment this is the one! It's too easy to think of silence as rejection..I guess you just have to listen out for and trust your own voice a bit more..hmm.Jae :)

  2. Interesting thought you shared. I like what you did with the words.

  3. Thanks for reminding me. Silence is an answer too, and all too often a prompt to seek the reason. Well written.

  4. Silence teaches. I say it again.. well done..

  5. What a fabulous limerick..
    Thanks for sharing the quote..
    I love it :)


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